5 Interesting Facts about Gold Rings

  1. Gold has been strongly associated with ancient cultures and empires since the times of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. Therefore, the inception of processing and crafting with gold has its roots in those days.

2. The weight of gold found in Tutankhamun’s tomb amounts to 9 tons. It includes masterfully processed jewels, a gold sarcophagus, a death mask, a throne, sculptures, and other artistically valuable objects.

3. People in India believed that gold is the semen of the god Agni, its shine comes from the sun, symbolizing light and fire, and therefore, it is a source of life.

4. According to a Greek legend, the first ring was created by the god Zeus. It was supposed to have been forever worn by the Titan Prometheus as a symbol of his being chained to a rock.

5. Etruscans used a technique called granulation: they decorated a gold sheet with hundreds or thousands of balls, often as big as poppy seeds.

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