Common Myths About Tungsten Rings

Tungsten rings are not actually made of tungsten

This myth is only partially true as tungsten rings are made out of tungsten carbide. This alloy is a mixture of the rare metal tungsten and carbon. An alloy is used instead of a pure metal because tungsten in its raw form is too hard to shape into rings or any other kind of jewelry. The fact is that while the rings are not made from pure tungsten they do contain the metal but the two metals are not actually interchangeable.

Tungsten rings are not considered metal

As the rings are made from tungsten carbide and not a pure metal this is partially true. Many people class tungsten rings as ceramic jewelry but this is incorrect. The correct classification of these rings is cremated, which is the class that any compounds made of metallic and non-metallic elements, should be in. However, due to the obscure nature of this term confusion has been caused as to whether tungsten rings are metal or not.

Tungsten rings are brittle and crack easily

This myth is not actually true and seems to be based on the fact that these rings are made from tungsten carbide and not pure tungsten. While the creation of the alloy does remove some of the strength from the metal it does not make it easy to crack. This does not mean that tungsten rings are completely crack resistant but the force needed is more than you will regularly encounter. Of course the higher the quality of the tungsten rings the more crack-resistant it will be.

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