Interesting Facts About Tungsten

Highest Melting Point of All Metals

You might be surprised to learn that tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals.

Highest Tensile Strength

Not only does tungsten have the highest melting point of all metals, but it also has the highest tensile strength. Tensile strength, of course, refers to a material’s ability to withstand force or pressure without breaking.

Used in Light Bulbs

Tungsten is frequently used in light bulbs where it serves as the filament for their heating elements. Incandescent light bulbs, for instance, often feature a tungsten-based filament. When activated, the tungsten filament heats up, thereby producing light.

Used in Alloys

Tungsten is also used in the production of many alloys. A common example is a high-speed steel. Depending on the particular type, high-speed steel may contain anywhere from 10% to 20% tungsten, with the remaining material consisting of iron and carbon.

Substitution for Gold

Finally, tungsten is often used as a substitution for gold. It has similar tungsten, allowing it to mimic the physical properties of gold.

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