How are Tungsten rings made?

Tungsten carbide rings and tungsten wedding bands are remarkable pieces of jewelry in many ways. Unlike rings made of traditional metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, tungsten is extremely hard. The only thing that can scratch a tungsten ring is a diamond, the hardest element known to man. There is nothing worse than going to put on your ring only to find it is what used to be a perfect circle now resembles a bent oval. With tungsten carbide, you no longer need to worry about this as tungsten rings will never bend, nick, or become misshapen.

Tungsten carbide rings are created by combining tungsten powder with carbon and nickel. The powders are then placed in a high-pressure dye to form a blank. To bind the nickel and carbon with the tungsten the blank is fired at 3600 degrees Fahrenheit.

What about that beautiful finish you ask? All of our tungsten rings and wedding bands have a permanent polish, so you can rest assured your ring will look as magnificent 50 years from now as the day you bought it. Your new tungsten carbide ring will have a heavier precious metal feel, as opposed to other rings such as titanium which you could fall off and may not even notice until it is long gone.

Tungsten wedding rings are comfortable, durable, and come in many different stylish designs. Whether you are looking for a traditional tungsten wedding band, the latest in fashionable tungsten rings, or something in between Tungsten Affinity has the perfect ring for you.

When discussing rings there are two main elements; the ring shape, such as domed, pipe cut, concave, etc., and the ring style/finish, such as brushed, polished, beveled, grooved, etc. At Tungsten Affinity we also go a step further in offering rings and wedding bands in a variety of colors ranging from light grey, too dark grey, gold, and even black. Our extensive collection of inlay rings pairs innovative materials such as carbon fiber and traditional metals such as gold, with an enduring tungsten band. Each of our tungsten rings goes through multiple steps in the manufacturing process, thus allowing us to create unmatched depth and precision in each design.

Tungsten Carbide Rings
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