How do we make our Damascus Rings?

Agreement Here’s exactly how:

Heat & By Angus Buchan

As I move around our nation of South Africa, I am very disturbed when I hear about the alarming rate of divorces that are taking place. I’ve spoken to some men who deal with these issues and they have told me that the main cause for divorce is not a third party. It’s purely the fact that the couple cannot get on together. That is a tragedy because those same people prayed on their wedding day and made a covenant with God that they would stay together until death parted them.

Two people cannot walk and live together unless they are one in the spirit. The only way to see that through is to put the Lord Jesus Christ as the central focus point in your life, like that three-ply cord that cannot be broken. The third member of that relationship is Jesus Himself.

This day, make sure that you are in agreement with your loved one. Go and ask forgiveness – even if it’s not your fault. Then you can walk on together. The Bible says that one will chase one thousand, but two will chase ten thousand. As you stand together, as you walk in agreement, God will bless your union, your relationship and your friendship.

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