How do we make our Damascus Rings?

Do you know how we assemble and custom make our unique Damascus range? Here’s exactly how:

Create Damascus Billet

Kick off your Damascus ring by creating a billet. The biller is made from Carbon Steel.

Heat & Press Billet

Once the billet is made, we heat it to 1260 degrees celsius. This is the temperature in which the billet becomes malleable and able to be forged. Once heated, we use a 2500-ton hydraulic press and smash the billet. This forge welds the pieces together for the ring.

Shape the Metal

We continue heating and shaping the metal. Between heat treatments, we want to create gashes and shave off the corners with an angle grinder. This is what makes the cool, grainy pattern in the steel. Once we feel we’ve mashed it sufficiently, we begin roughly shaping the metal into a flat round on the metal lathe. Most of this process is nearly impossible to do without access to some impressive tools under the supervision of a professional.

Bore Out the Center

Next, we begin flattening the face of the ring and bore out the centre of the ring. From here you’ll get a pretty good idea about what the face of your Damascus ring will look like. We choose the pattern you want for the ring face and cut the ring blank down to the final width.

Create the Sleeve

Next, it’s time to make the ring sleeve with sterling silver. We begin by shaping your silver stock into a rough round ring shape, soldering the sleeve together with silver solder.

Assemble & Finish

Finally, press-fit the sleeve into the Damascus ring blank. Hammering the sleeve over the edges, the sleeve should fit nicely over the blank and can then be sanded down until smooth. To finish up, etch the Damascus wedding ring with chemicals, polish, and finish!

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